Doc Hollidays will be Testing New Black Powder Categories

Okay Pards, Here is how we are going to start playing in the new Catagories!!!!! Modifications will be made as necessary as we play with these. I have added two others for you all to think about.

Josey Wales
4 main match pistols (either cap and ball or standard cartidge) and a double barrel or lever shotgun.
Pistols shot duelist or gun fighter one pair on person in holsters. Second pair will be staged where rifle would normally be staged. Posse will assist in getting all back to table. This to start, do not want someone to have a major malfunction and drop a loaded one moving.
Later may look thoughts on all holstered. One option to move extra pistols, use a spare rig and carry over shoulder to stage and when done place back in to carry to unloading table.

Pale Rider Category
Full-load BP shooters shooting Duelist AND Gunfighter (Separate categories):
Load requirements.

Revolver and Rifle:
40 caliber and above
200 grain projectile
25 grains by volume of bp or SASS-approved bp substitute
*note: 38-40 shooters may use a 180 grain projectile BUT must use 30 grains by volume of bp/sub.


Double or 87 Only
60 grs by volume of bp/sub
1 1/8 oz or more of shot
Black Powder Gunfighter (BPGF)
Same as GF with all black powder, again no 97's.

Here are two other Catagories to think about.

Cap and Ball pistols shot duelist style, lever action shotgun or double barrel only, single shot rifle caliber rifle, light loads so as not to damage the targets and the fact close range. Plainsman will fire half the rifle rounds as called for on the stage.

Pistols (any main match) and shotgun no 97's and rifle caliber rifle shot from the shoulder, Like plainsman will fire half the stage requirements. Light loads only.

Now get out there and tell everybody we are going to rock the house down Sept 13, 2008 at Doc Holliday's Immortals match in Griffin Ga

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