SASS recognizes shooting categories based upon age, gender, costuming, equipment, shooting style and/or propellant.  (The age for a competitor is determined by their age on the first day the match starts.)

All SASS categories may be subdivided by gender, e.g. Lady Duelist, Lady Gunfighter, Lady 49’er, Lady Wrangler, etc. Competitors may compete within any category for which they qualify.

There are no exclusive men’s categories – women may choose to shoot with men.

Age Based Pistol may be shot with two hands

Buckaroo/Buckarette 13 years old and under
Junior Boy or Girl 16 and under
Cowboys/Cowgirls any age
Wrangler 36 & up
Forty-Niner 49 & up
Senior 65 & up
Silver Senior 65 & up
Grande Dame
Elder statesman
70 & up
Cattle Baron/Cattle Baroness 75 & up
El Patron/La Patrona 80 & up
Note: Cowboy through El Patron have not Lower limits. So an El Patron could choose to shoot Cowboy
Duelist -             1 Hand on pistol

Gunfighter -     Pistol in each hand

Classic Cowboy  Duelist - Guns and dress in pre 1883


“B” Western              Guns and attire like 30- 50’s movie and TV

Black Powder Categories

Frontier Cartridge        Black Powder (or Sub) in regular guns

Frontiersman                (Duelist) Black Powder (or sub) with
Cap and Ball Revolvers


Experimental Categories - 

Outlaw - Rules for Outlaw Category
Outlaw shooting is NOT for the novice shooter; proficiency in gun handling is a must before participating in this category!

Experimental Black Powder Categories

Updated May 12, 2018